Who Is...

Kiera Fidalgo, CPT

Kiera Fidalgo is an Advanced Certified Personal Fitness Trainer and lifelong athlete. Kiera began her fitness journey at age 7 as a classically trained dancer. After several years of success as a competitive dancer, she was highly sought after by other dancers for her expertise in technique and conditioning. At age eleven, Kiera began to weight train with her father at the local gym while she continued to dance competitively. Her passion and skill for weight training grew quickly, and she subsequently joined the girls weightlifting team at Spruce Creek High School where she refined her Olympic and classic powerlifting techniques. Kiera’s extensive background in strength and dance, along with her obvious stage presence, made her ultimate transition to fitness competitions seamless- “With a love of training and the stage, it was the perfect fit for my continued athletic career”. Kiera competed in several competitions on the east Coast winning first place and overall awards which earned her the prestigious distinction of National Level fitness/bikini competitor. Kiera’s 20 year journey has culminated with her deep commitment to help others through personal training. Kiera excels as a teacher, and with her breadth of experience, she is able to teach safe and effective techniques to individuals who have little or no significant exercise background. With Kiera’s help, SUCCEED patients will reach far beyond their fitness goals.


  • 1st Bikini E 2013 NPC Eastern Seaboard
  • Overall Bikini Champion 2013 NPC Eastern Seaboard
  • 8th Bikini E 2011 NPC Nationals
  • 1st Bikini E 2011 NPC West Palm Anna Level
  • Overall Bikini Champion 2011 NPC West Palm Anna Level
  • 1st Bikini Tall 2011 NPC Battle on the Coast
  • Overall Bikini Champion 2011 NPC Battle on the Coast